inagiffy x fetcch

engagement infra for inagiffy’s communities

the problem space

communities today are broken and are mostly a one-way street
  • instagram’s broadcast channels are too much like a, well, broadcast channel
  • discord servers are high friction and not for mainstream communities
whatsapp groups are near-perfect
  • intimate chat medium
  • universal penetration across the world (except maybe china)
  • intuitive for most users
problems with whatsapp for communities
  • whatsapp groups/channels have member limits
  • hard to streamline/standardise across multiple groups
  • user identity data things
inagiffy’s current whatsapp group management solutions solves most of this
  • multiple group management
  • custom campaigns etc
but there is a lack of engagement/loyalty/rewards tooling, this is important as all the big companies who want to use this service have only 1 big KPI - engagement.

product notes

tl;dr inagiffy needs engagement tooling + incentives to bump their engagement metrics, and this is where fetcch plugs in.
fetcch’s loyalty chain will exist as a loyalty/points infra for inagiffy’s communities - an upgrade over using a regular db.
  • whatsapp is frontend
  • smart accounts deployed with member phone numbers as basis
  • points accrued on these accounts
  • members can accrue points across different managed communities
  • members can check their total points/pending rewards via a bot that acts as a natural language explorer
  • can also explore an intents thing down the line (natural language interface for token transfer, claiming, and balance retrieval)
moonshots and applications:
  • points are a direct way for universal to push members to engage with artist content
  • using points as bait to boost community engagement (issue rewards in the form of community points)
  • semi-open economy where accrued points can be redeemed for community merch discount
  • point accrual can be automated - number of replies, mentions, reacts received on message, time spent in community chat, etc
  • after critical mass, can move to own fetcch community app - easy to pull users (offer them points to install app) - we get real consumers to experiment with for payments etc